Cris Neckar

Venture Partner
Menlo Park & Whitefish
A seasoned veteran of the information security industry, Cris Neckar has over 17 years of leadership experience ranging from software engineering to penetration testing and digital forensics. Prior to joining Two Bear Capital, Cris held leadership roles at a variety of start-ups including co-founding Divergent Security, a top-tier offensive security assessment service provider. Previously, Cris was among the original members of Google's Chrome Security Team, managing the security of the Chrome web browser and developing state-of-the-art advancements in software security and end-user defense. Prior to his work at Google, Cris led the Application Security practice for Neohapsis (now Cisco Systems). As a security researcher, Cris has discovered, and responsibly disclosed, critical vulnerabilities in software infrastructure ranging from Microsoft Windows to Cisco WebEx, and has been instrumental in the investigations of both high-profile data breaches and nation-state intelligence campaigns. Cris also served as a curriculum advisory board member and professor for DePaul University's cyber security graduate school program.
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