A data access management company that enables organizations to bring “data access to where data lives”

About the company

Dymium enables customers to access the data required, in the right context and format, in real-time, without the burden of managing yet another data environment or putting your company or country at risk. Dymium enables organizations to securely and cost-effectively manage data access requirements across a proliferation of data without stifling innovation. The Dymium Platform provides data agility without risk by taking data access to where data lives. The solution eliminates the complexity, availability, and timeliness challenges of duplicating data into data warehouses or data lakes. It uniquely combines a zero trust architecture, centralized access policies, and real-time, universal data translation services, ensuring only authorized users can access the right data regardless of its location. For more information, visit www.dymium.io or contact info@dymium.io

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