Binarly detects and helps remediate known and unknown vulnerabilities at every step of the device and software supply chain.

About the company

Binarly is a global firmware and software supply chain security company founded in 2021. The company’s flagship Binarly Transparency Platform is an enterprise-class, AI-powered solution used by device manufacturers, OEMs, IBVs and product security teams to identify known and unknown vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and signs of malicious code implantation. Binarly’s validated remediation playbooks have significantly reduced the cost and time to respond to security exposures. Based in Los Angeles, California, Binarly brings decades of research and program analysis expertise to build solutions to protect businesses, critical infrastructure, and consumers around the world. Binarly is backed by Two Bear Capital, Blu Ventures, Canaan Partners, Cisco Investments, Liquid2, Westwave Capital and Acrobator Ventures. To learn more, visit www.binarly.io.

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