We focus on disruptive innovations and sectors at inflection points. Here are a few of the areas in which we operate.


Rapid advances in bioengineering are expanding our ability to measure, understand, and modify complex biological systems, building a foundation for the next generation of disease prevention, diagnostics, treatments, and even cures.


The breakthroughs in biology aren’t just coming from microscopes, they’re coming from scientists combining new algorithms and genomic data sets to reveal the molecular machinery behind human disease, leading to powerful and novel new treatments.

Healthcare i.t.

Disruptive changes in the $3.6 trillion per year healthcare industry are forcing an intense focus on improving care while lowering costs, opening the door for a new generation of technology–driven companies to deliver the needed solutions and become the new market leaders.

Machine learning & AI

Advances in Artificial Intelligence are unlocking new capabilities across every sector of the economy, with the scarcity of AI / ML expertise creating massive opportunities for those companies with the talent, technology and expertise to pursue them.

Information security

The skyrocketing value of the world’s digital data coupled with new technologies available to cybercriminals has created a frantic, escalating arms race that requires brilliant, disruptive innovators to protect what has become the lifeblood of modern society.

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