The two bear capital story

We’re in this together.

With capital and knowledge, we help founders turn brilliant ideas into transformative companies. The result? Better solutions to the toughest problems in technology and life sciences.

When venture capital supports a visionary founder, it can turn an innovative idea into a world–changing enterprise.

When the timing is right, it becomes a legendary investment. And when the company is built to last, it creates a positive impact on how the world works. Founded in 2019 by Mike Goguen, Two Bear Capital combines Mike’s two decades of top decile venture capital experience at Sequoia Capital with an investment team of deep domain experts.
They focus on identifying founders with groundbreaking ideas in technology and life sciences. Two Bear Capital provides the early-stage capital and mentorship needed to turn boot-strapping startups into companies built to endure.

Two Bear Capital is often a founder’s first choice as a partner. Why? We speak the language of complex science. We can analyze a pioneering idea and assess its market viability.

Our portfolio companies operate at the intersection of technology and life sciences – often in areas where the two are so seamlessly integrated as to form a new, unified discipline.

These are the companies that will cure disease, that will reveal the insights hidden in vast quantities of data, and that will create safer, more efficient networks for individuals and enterprises.

For Two Bear Capital, there is no better investment.

About our founder
– Mike Goguen

Two Bear Capital is led by venture capitalist, engineer and philanthropist Mike Goguen. Between 1996 and 2016 alone, Mike sponsored 54 investments with a combined market value of over $64B during his tenure at Sequoia Capital.

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