John Delaney, PhD

Biopharmaceutical Advisor
John Delaney is a Biopharmaceutical Advisor. He provides counsel to an array of start-ups in the ecosystem, working closely with founders, scientists and investors. Previously, Delaney served as Executive Director of Amgen Biologics Discovery. He was responsible for identifying large molecule therapeutic candidates in collaboration with all Amgen Therapeutic areas, including the discovery of fully human antibody therapeutics using the company’s proprietary XenoMouse platform technology. Delaney joined Amgen in 1992 and he was based at the Amgen South San Francisco site, leading research teams in numerous Amgen locations. In 2010, Delaney took on the site leadership role for Amgen’s Burnaby, British Columbia research facility, managing the company’s significant protein science resources in Canada, and overseeing site administration. Delaney holds a bachelor’s degree in zoology from the University of Montana and earned his PhD in the Department of Microbiology at the University of Arizona. He completed his postdoctoral training at the University of Utah’s Department of Cellular, Viral, and Molecular Biology working on the molecular biology of chaperones and bacterial thermotolerance.
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