Sanavia is redefining the possibilities in the fight against cancer by harnessing scientific research and breakthrough technologies.

About the company

Sanavia Oncology believes that every cancer patient deserves a cure. Today, the majority of cancer patients do not benefit from current therapies due to drug resistance. So Sanavia is working to access the biology that will provide the understanding needed to develop novel immunotherapies that can safely and effectively overcome drug resistance and improve patients’ lives. Sanavia uses a proprietary platform to discover unexplored, clinically relevant, cancer-specific epitopes in different types of drug resistant tumors and to generate antibodies with atomic-level specificity to these epitopes. Sanavia’s process combines high throughput sequencing, single-molecule super-resolution microscopy, 3D protein modeling, and artificial intelligence. The platform enables Sanavia to replicate cancer biology ex-vivo with unprecedented accuracy, unlocking novel therapeutic targets at scale. For more information visit, www.sanavia.bio.

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