Graphiant is a provider of next-generation network services. Graphiant Network Edge is an “as-a-Service” solution that connects enterprise resources, hybrid cloud, network edge, customers, and partners.

About the company

Enterprise networks are more complex than ever. Half of all workloads now live in the cloud. Every device needs connectivity. Workers are increasingly remote. Edge clouds are becoming common. Data is moving from the core to both the edge and cloud. And enterprises are increasingly connecting to partner and customer networks. Legacy networking solutions can’t keep up. What enterprises need is a network that combines robustness and agility. And that’s precisely what Graphiant provides. The Graphiant Network Edge is robust enough to offer guaranteed service, and because it is delivered as-a-Service, Graphiant provides unmatched agility. For more information and to understand how Graphiant can deliver the network you need, please visit Graphiant.com.

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