Abilita Therapeutics enables discovery of novel therapeutics for previously undruggable membrane protein targets.

About the company

Abilita Therapeutics is a biotech company specializing in discovering and developing therapies for the most challenging membrane proteins, including GPCRs, ion channels and transporters. Despite their high significance, hundreds of such drug targets remain untapped. Abilita's unique strength lies in generating transformative, whole-protein antigens through the Enabled Membrane Proteins (EMP™) platform, a proprietary directed evolution approach that swiftly creates enhanced target variants, which allow the discovery of novel medicines. The company's proven technology is backed by numerous collaborations with top pharma and biotech partners. After honing internal antibody discovery skills to complement the EMP™ system, Abilita is actively building a large pipeline of internal assets, and will foster comprehensive research partnerships from target validation to development candidate stages. Learn more at abilitabio.com.

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